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Record Traffic at Orlando Airport in Q1

orlando mco airportOrlando International Airport (MCO) serves approximately 39 million passengers annually. However in 2016, that number is likely to increase. That is because for the first three months of the year overall traffic has climbed nearly 11.5 percent.

Orlando International Airport (MCO) has recorded double-digit growth both in domestic and international traffic so far this year. More than 10.7 million passengers traveled thru the gates of the airport. When you break down the numbers, Orlando International is handling more than 3.56 million passengers per month on average in a facility that was designed to handle 2 million per month.


  • Domestic traffic climbed 10.6 percent with 9,375,413 passengers
  • International passenger traffic was up 17.46 percent with 1,389,243 total travelers
  • Overall passenger volume increased 11.49 percent with 10,764,656 travelers


  • Domestic traffic was up 8.48 percent with 34,627,999 passengers
  • International passenger numbers climbed 18.1 percent with 5,290,768 travelers
  • Combined overall passenger traffic was up 9.67 percent with 39,918,767 passengers


  • Domestic passenger volume increased 8.45 percent with 3,480,438 travelers
  • International traffic climbed 15.59 percent with 479,344 passengers
  • Overall combined travel for the month was up 9.27 percent compared to last year with 3,959,782 travelers

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