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Terrorist Attack more likely than Technical Fault, debris found

egyptair a330 300Egypt's aviation minister said that a terrorist attack was more likely than a technical failure that has taken down the missing EgyptAir aircraft.

There were no known security concerns about passengers aboard the missing plane but further checks are underway, he told at a news conference.

He also said he could not rule out the possibility the A320 aircraft with 66 people aboard was brought down by a terrorist attack.

“We’re not excluding the possibility that this was a terrorist attack, however we don't want to base our statements on theories - we need facts,” he told.

He said there was three security guards onboard the flight. Two of them were veterans while the third was a trainee.

The EgyptAir flight flew to Tunisia and back to Cairo before making its journey to Paris. It picked up passengers at Charles de Gaulle and was en route back to Cairo when it disappeared.

The flight made its last contact at around 2.40am this morning and disappeared from radar at around 2.45am, shortly before entering Egyptian airspace.

A Greek military official has told AFP that a search plane has found two orange items believed to be part of EgyptAir flight MS804.

He said they were found 230 miles southeast of the Island of Crete, but within the Egyptian air traffic control area.

He said one of the items was "oblong."

Two bodies have been found in the search area according to Al Arabiya, a Saudi television news channel.

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