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Shop at Woolworths & earn more points

qantas points woolworths rewardsQantas Frequent Flyers will have more opportunities to grow their Qantas Points when they shop at Woolworths. From 31 August 2016, Frequent Flyers can earn Woolworths Points for every dollar they spend in-store or online at Woolworths Supermarkets and BWS.

They will also have the opportunity to take advantage of special offers to increase their earn rate.  And they will be able to earn Woolworths Points on fuel purchases at 530 Caltex Woolworths petrol sites across Australia.

CEO of Qantas Loyalty, Lesley Grant, said, “The ability to earn with every dollar spent, plus special offers to earn more, will really help Frequent Flyers grow their points balance, so their weekly shop helps them get closer to their next holiday. This is especially the case when you factor in all the other ways our members can earn Qantas Points, ranging from health insurance to flying.

“The opportunity to earn points when you buy petrol has been improved, with members now able to use a discount voucher and earn points in the same transaction, instead of having to choose one or the other.

“We know the offer of Qantas Points influences people’s decision on where they shop, so this is something that will deliver value to our millions of members as well as to Woolworths as our partner,” added Ms Grant.

Under the updated program, all shoppers will earn at least 1 Woolworths Point for every dollar spent. Frequent Flyers can opt-in to convert Woolworths Points to Qantas Points (2,000 Woolworths Points equals 870 Qantas Points). More simply, members can earn Qantas Points at a rate of 0.43 per $1 they spend in-store at Woolworths.

Today’s changes follow an announcement in December last year, when Woolworths and Qantas confirmed Frequent Flyer would remain part of the Woolworths Rewards program.

Earn Qantas Points at a minimum rate of 0.43 points for $1 spent at Woolworths Supermarkets, Caltex Woolworths Petrol[2] and BWS.  (Previously, Qantas Points earn on petrol was not available if a fuel discount voucher was used; this has now changed.)

No minimum spend to earn. (Previously, Qantas Points were only earned on each dollar spent over $30).

·         All shoppers earn Woolworths Points, which Frequent Flyers can opt-in to convert to Qantas Points (2,000 Woolworths Points = 870 Qantas Points).

  • Frequent Flyers who don’t opt-in will receive money off their shopping rather than earning Qantas Points. You must opt-in online (via the Woolworths website) to convert Woolworths Points to Qantas Points.
  • Qantas and Woolworths will work to tailor special points offers to Frequent Flyers. (This is in addition to bonus offers available to all shoppers in-store.)
  • Members can increase their Qantas Points balance faster by using they use a credit card linked to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program to pay for their shopping.
  • All Woolworths shoppers can join the Qantas Frequent Flyer program for free via this page.
  • For more details on the program, including all terms and conditions, visit here.

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