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Lufthansa eases travel to U.S. by offering TSA Pre✓

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On August 31, 2016, Lufthansa German Airlines became the first European air carrier to participate in the U.S. Transportation Security Administration’s TSA Pre✓® program. As a result of this initiative, Lufthansa customers that are eligible will experience an expedited and efficient screening process at the security checkpoint of participating U.S. airports.

The safety of Lufthansa German Airlines’ customers is of utmost importance and is of paramount priority. Following this, the airline’s main focus is on a premium customer experience and quality promise. With TSA Pre✓®, both initiatives are addressed in that all program participants are closely vetted and held to high security standards, and once they are part of the program, will undergo an optimized travel experience with faster and more convenient passenger security facilitation at more than 180 airports nationwide.

“Lufthansa strives to maintain its role as one of the leading airlines in the aviation industry, and in doing so, continually aims for improvement and innovation advancements,” said Juergen Siebenrock, Vice President, The Americas, Lufthansa Group. “Together, we are pleased in advancing this important U.S. government trusted-traveler initiative, the TSA Pre✓® program. This is one of several new initiatives that adds to our commitment towards constantly enhancing the quality level of the customer experience on the overall journey with Lufthansa.”

If TSA determines a passenger is eligible for expedited screening, information is embedded in the barcode and the TSA Pre✓® imprint will appear on the passenger’s boarding pass. When TSA scans the barcode at the security checkpoint, the passenger may be referred to a TSA Pre✓® lane. Expedited screening may allow passengers to keep on shoes, belts and light outwear, as well as leave laptops and 3-1-1 compliant bags in carry-on baggage.

Currently, U.S. citizens, dual citizens, and lawful permanent residents are eligible to apply to the TSA Pre✓® Application Program, as well as members of U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Trusted Traveler programs such as NEXUS for Canadian Citizens, as well as Global Entry which is currently available for eight nationalities including Germany.

TSA Pre® is also available for U.S. Armed Forces service members, including those serving in the U.S. Coast Guard, Reserves and National Guard.

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