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Health + Spa

Thailand Health Wellness Thumb

Local wisdom holds a highly respected place in communities of all sizes throughout Thailand, employing knowledge and traditions that are faithfully passed on from generation to generation.

MIA Airport

Miami International Airport (MIA) is the latest U.S. airport joining LAS, CLE, SJC, IND to welcome Terraboost Media's complimentary health & wellness initiative, which offers free hand sanitizer solution and wipes to airport patrons via innovative dispensers located throughout the airport.

Hair Care Whilst You Travel

Caring for your hair when travelling can be a time-consuming process that can require a number of products all at once, but how can you be sure they are helping your hair rather than causing more damage in the long term?

Traveler stay fit and healthy while traveling

Because there’s an increasing number of people traveling more often, for both pleasure and business, the worry about how to maintain wellness and health regime while traveling is a real issue. The lack of sleep, the long and tiring hours in and out of airports, and the stress of travel can be straining on our mental health and immune systems.

Medical tourism grows

The World Travel & Tourism Council [WTTC], has released its latest piece of major research, which reveals the staggering growth of global medical tourism, with the US leading the way in terms of both inbound and outbound spending.

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