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IATA Warns Governments on High Cost of PCR Tests

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) called on governments to take action to address the high cost of COVID-19 tests in many jurisdictions and urged flexibility in permitting the use of cost-effective antigen tests as an alternative to more expensive PCR tests.

Wellness at Dusit

Dusit's New Group-Wide Wellness Concept: Devarana Wellness

Thailand’s leading hospitality company Dusit International has responded to the increasingly health-conscious aspirations of global travellers by introducing its new group-wide wellness concept – ‘Devarana Wellness’.


How to Find a Doctor Abroad?

If we are not in our home County/State, we can feel uneasy about seeking medical help; if you are in a different country, panic and uncertainty can kick in, especially if there is a language barrier.

sleep and coronavirus

Pandemic Creating Corona-Somniacs

Sleep is one of the most critical factors in overall health and wellness, but unfortunately, the Covid pandemic has had a negative effect on the world's slumber patterns.

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