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Let's Relax Spa expands its first overseas branch in China

lets relax spa china kunming

Siam Wellness Group Public Co.,Ltd or SPA has recently expanded its unique Thai Contemporary Spa concept overseas with the first branch opening in Kunming City, Yunnan Province, People’s Republic of China.

The first branch in China is located in Tongde Kunming Plaza (TKP), a high rise 54 storeys multiple complex located in Kunming CBD, which consisted of a modern office building and full-scale shopping mall, conveniently accessible by private car or MTR (Baiyun Road Station).

Designed in the Thai contemporary style with the Oriental essence, Let’s Relax Spa Kunming offers calm and classy ambiance for the spa-goers. From the steps they walk, the customers will be able to feel the unique Thai touch in all five senses – sight, taste, smell, sound and touch similar to their experience of Let’s Relax Spa in the kingdom of Thailand. Let’s Relax Spa Kunming branch spans over 600 square meters on the 6th Floor and comes with over 10 treatment rooms with single and double rooms as well as a private suite that is equipped with Private Jacuzzi overlooking the Kunming City Center view both daytime and nighttime. The branch is set for the Grand Opening on Saturday 18th June 2016 in which Mr. Pornpop Auampittaya, Consul General of Thai Consulate General in Kunming as the Guest of Honor.

lets relax spa china

Mr. Wiboon Utsahajit, Chief Executive Officer of Siam Wellness Group Public Company Limited or “SPA”, stated that “Let’s Relax is a boutique day spa that delicately offers fineness spa pleasure to perfectly balance the body and soul, offers high quality of equipment, products and treatments with experienced and well-trained therapists for a unique and remarkable experience for customers. This stand-alone day spa possesses its own unique characteristics; expertise therapists, hygienically guaranteed, terrific locations and excellent service. Let’s Relax Spa has been highly widely accepted by many customers from around the world. Of which, over 80% of our customers are foreign tourists, Chinese F.I.T. tourists are amongst the top rank in terms of the numbers. This was supported clearly by the recent award in which Let’s Relax Spa has been voted as the Best Thai Spa brand at the Best of Thailand Awards Voted by Chinese Tourists 2015, an award organized by Sina Weibo and Tourism Authority of Thailand.”

“For our overseas expansion plan, the company has set its vision for the year 2020 for Let’s Relax Spa to become Asia’s Regional Spa Brands in which the Company has plan to expand its unique Thai Spa concept to the major cities in the region in both East Asian countries such as China and Hong Kong as well as in South East Asian (ASEAN) countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos. Several options of investment in these countries are Franchise, Joint Venture or Self-investment. This depends on the country of interest’s national, socio-economic and legal environment”, he added.      

On 28th August 2015, the Company has signed a franchise agreement with Kunming Tailai Spa Management Co.,Ltd (“Franchisee”) in which the franchisee has the right to open “Let’s Relax Spa” in the three provinces in the People’s Republic of China which are Yunnan, Chongxing and Sichuan. Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan province, is one of the top tourist destinations for both Chinese and International Tourists. With the close proximity to Thailand, Kunming residents are familiar with Thailand as one of the popular tourist destination and Thai massage and spa. As a result, Let’s Relax is strongly determined that the Kunming residents, and the whole China in the future, will warmly welcome the expansion of our unique Thai Spa concept of “Let’s Relax Spa”.

For its overseas expansion, Let’s Relax Spa will maintain all aspects of the unique Thai Spa in all angles to differentiate the unique Thai Spa concept from the local competitor. All massage and spa menus offered in Thailand branches will be offered here in Kunming. Amongst the range of spa experiences are Hot Stone Massage, our signature treatment, where heated volcanic stones coupled with massage oils extracted from Thai herbs and flowers are being used, Thai Herbal Massage, the epitome of authentic Thai experience consisting of stretching and bending with the application of Thai fresh herbal balls imported directly from Thailand and Warm Oil Massage, another signature which combines the aromatherapy and Thai massage techniques for the unique body massage from head to toe. Chinese customers will be able to experience the unique Thai Spa experience and the true Let’s Relax experience.”

Siam Wellness Group Public Company Limited or “SPA” operates total of 25 spa outlets divided into 3 brands which are “RarinJinda Wellness Spa”, a 5-stars Wellness Spa located in premium Hotels and Resorts with the total of 3 branches, “Let’s Relax Spa, a 4-stars Boutique Spa located in shopping malls, hotels and standalone area with high traffic of tourists with the total of 17 branches (16 inside Thailand and 1 overseas) and “Baan Suan Massage”, a 3-star Neighbourhood massage located in suburban Bangkok with the total of 5 branches. Moreover, it also expands its services to a Wellness Resort under “RarinJinda Wellness Spa Resort” and Restaurant & Cafe under “Deck1” and “D Bistro”, Spa Products under “Blooming, Siamese Wellness Secrets” and Thai Massage School. The Company was listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand since 31st October 2014.

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