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Istanbul beats Paris in number of transit flights

ataturk airportTurkish Airlines (THY) Chairman Ilker Ayci recently announced that Istanbul now conducts more outgoing transit flights than Paris thanks to the increasing number of flights by Turkish Airlines.

The aviation sector has been going through tough times, particularly in Europe. Putting aside the effects of the global economic crisis and considerable fluctuations in exchange rates, the biggest threat to hit the aviation sector has been escalating terrorism concerns. Despite the depressed tourism sector in Turkey and in the region, Turkish Airlines increased the percentage of transit flights by 60 percent.

The chairman reported that despite the current deterioration of Turkey's tourism sector, THY increased the percentage of its transit flights to 60 percent; bringing THY's Istanbul-based airports ahead of those in Paris. Mr. Ayci revealed the next European target for the airline would be London's Heathrow Airport.

Emphasizing that they are working nonstop and trying to further penetrate the African market by searching for opportunities and seeking collaborations, Aycı said they have new partnerships in Senegal and that such collaborations would increase, with THY's market share increasing in that part of the world.

Source: Sabah, Haberturk

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