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Chinese passenger jailed for theft on Turkish Airlines flight

inflight sleepWith all the other worries associated with air travel, these days we read news about theft on board airplanes. Last month a 39-year-old Turkish watch merchant supposedly had US$260,000 in cash and valuables stolen from his hand luggage during his Dubai to Hong Kong flight with Emirates.

The passenger, who was flying in Economy Class, had placed his bag in the overhead compartment for the duration of the flight. The passenger only realized about the theft after disembarking the plane at Hong Kong International Airport. He then requested assistance from airline staff, shortly before notifying police at approximately 6am Monday morning.

Theft from sleeping and unknowing passengers has been going on for years but it has been on the rise in the past few years. According to South China Morning Post, the stolen goods on in-flight robberies predominately include cash, jewellery and smartphones. 

Most recently, a Chinese passenger jailed after caught stealing money and valuables of passengers on a Turkish Airlines flight from Shanghai to Istanbul on April 13. Turkish Airlines cabin crew caught the passenger stealing valuables and handed him to police at Istanbul Ataturk Airport. Istanbul’s Bakirköy Criminal Court jailed the Chinese national for 7.5 years.

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