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Another bomb attack in Istanbul

istambul june7 2016 bomb

At least 11 people, 7 of whom were police officers, were killed while 36 others were wounded in an attack targeting a police vehicle in Istanbul's Vezneciler neighborhood at around 8:35 a.m. on June 7.

The blast in the Beyazit Vezneciler district on the city's European side damaged nearby shops and vehicles.

A number of gunshots were reportedly heard after the explosion Istanbul's Beyazıt district, but it has not been confirmed whether there was a clash or not.

The attack took place opposite the Celal Aga Konagi Hotel, a converted Ottoman mansion. The hotel was closed; not accepting guests for some time. Media reports that if the hotel was in operation, there could be more casualties.

Source: Agencies

Photo credit: Reuters

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