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HotelsPro Appoints Stephen Moffett

Stephen MoffettHotelsPro, a leading global travel wholesaler and a part of MetGlobal Group of Companies, officially announced the appointment of Stephen Moffett.

Stephen Moffett, the new sales manager for their recently opened London office, will be responsible for growing and developing a competent sales force in UK and Ireland, developing a robust sales and marketing strategy for the broad-spectrum growth of the organization and for developing more innovative and customized solutions for clients nestled in the UK and Ireland. Stephen will report to Robert Turner, head of London operations.

HotelsPro opened its offices in London and Shanghai in May this year in a bid to provide customized support to its existing clients in the regions, as well as expanding it’s client base.

Stephen Moffett, the new sales manager, brings with him a lot of experience and valuable know-how in sales. With prior experience in managing and leading sales operations in the UK and Ireland, Stephen Moffett will become an asset for the fast-growing sales force in the region, Robert Turner expressed.

“It is a great opportunity for HotelsPro to become a major player in this area. I am really looking forward to growing the business and establishing HotelsPro as one of the leaders in this dynamic sector”, Stephen told the press after assuming the office of the sales manager for HotelsPro UK and Ireland operations.

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