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2016 is best year for tourism in Bulgaria

bulgaria beachBulgaria enjoys a record number of tourists visiting Bulgaria in 2016. The country recorded double digit growth in number of tourists visiting in summer season. Thus, expectation for 2016 to be the most successful year for the tourism industry is very high.

In June and July alone, the number of tourists who came to Bulgaria increased by 23.1%, compared to the previous year. In terms of revenues for the same period, the increase is about 14% (BGN 1 B).

For the first 7 months of the year, revenues were 13-14% more, compared to 2015.

Bulgaria’s Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova said that compared to the most successful year so far – 2014, growth is already 14%, which makes 2016 the most successful year, especially with respect to the summer when expectations almost doubled.

Growth is most noticeable where German tourists are concerned. Their number grew by 38%. Russia ranks second – the increase in the number of tourists was 30%. According to the statistics, the highest growth was reported with respect to Romanian tourists – the expectations of 5% quadrupled.

According to Angelkova, the most important thing is that Bulgaria is headed in the right direction i.e. turning into an all year round destination.


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