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Eurostar to reduce plastic use by 50%

eurostar trainEurostar, the high-speed rail service linking the UK with mainland Europe, has unveiled an ambitious 10 point plan in support of its Tread Lightly environmental commitments.

Eurostar has achieved a 32% reduction in carbon emissions and a 50% cut in waste across its business in the last 8 years.

Nicolas Petrovic, Chief Executive of Eurostar, said, “Over the last eight years we have reduced our carbon footprint by over 30% but given the scale of the challenge facing the environment, we are now setting stretching new targets. High-speed rail plays a pivotal role in encouraging the switch to more sustainable modes of transport and we are committed to increasing our energy efficiency and reducing our waste across the business.”

Targeting a 50% reduction in plastics by 2020
Reducing waste is central to Eurostar’s Tread Lightly programme which is focused on minimising waste on board and identifying innovative alternatives to traditional packaging.  Over the next three years, Eurostar has committed to halving its consumption of plastics and usage of paper tickets.

This drive to remove plastics has been launched with the elimination of plastic straws onboard Eurostar trains and in its business lounges which is the first in a series of planned initiatives.

High-speed rail emits up to 90% less carbon than flying
The environmental benefits of travelling by high-speed rail versus plane are significant. A Eurostar journey from London to Paris emits 90% less greenhouse gas than the equivalent short haul flight and produces less carbon per passenger than a single car journey from central London to Heathrow Airport.

With over 4 million passengers travelling by air between London and Amsterdam every year, Eurostar’s upcoming service from the UK to the Netherlands reinforces high-speed rail as the most environmentally responsible choice for short-haul travel.

A Eurostar journey from London to Amsterdam results in 80% less carbon per passenger than a flight with the new high-speed rail service transporting the equivalent of eight flights per day, over 50 flights per week and over 2,600 flights per year.

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