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HotelsPro and Juniper upgrade HotelsPro’s New API

hotelsprologoHotelsPro and Juniper announced the integration of HotelsPro’s New API that will help OTAs, tour operators and travel agencies to quickly and seamlessly reach to more than 285,000 hotel inventory of HotelsPro.

The trend toward integration of HotelsPro’s New API is growing among travel technology companies, where they are able to provide their clients with better inventory quality, cache with high accuracy, improved response time and reduced payload with RESTful API over JSON.

“We are truly delighted to be able to strengthen our collaboration with HotelsPro by having completed the development of the new version of the API connectivity, thus offering our clients a better and faster integration, which will no doubt reflect on a better booking experience for the end consumer and greater sales for all concerned. It is always a pleasure to work with a company like HotelsPro that invests heavily in technology to maintain themselves at the forefront. We are likeminded, in that we continuously develop greater and better functionality, and collaborate with the most innovative companies in the marketplace, for the benefit of all our customers.” said Stephen McIntosh Sales & Marketing Director Europe at Juniper.

“We are happy to build a better partnership with one of the travel technology leaders like Juniper. We believe this integration is a good opportunity for travel professionals to reach vast inventory of HotelsPro through Juniper. Thanks to Juniper’s high quality technology, the process of the integration went smoothly and our mutual clients can enjoy benefits of the new API,” said Nevgül Bilsel Safkan managing director at HotelsPro.

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