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Digital Cinema Pioneer Jack Kline

Digital Cinema Pioneer Jack Kline To Promote CINITY

Fresh off one of the exhibition industry’s most remarkable careers that includes developing and pioneering the implementation of digital cinema and knocking off the 100-year reign of film projection technology, Jack Kline announced that he is now representing CINITY Cinema, the latest entry into the immersive, in-theater, giant-screen market.

LG Smart TV for Cruise Ships

LG Introduces 5 Smart TVs for Cruise Ships

LG Business Solutions USA has introduced a line of smart TVs specifically designed for cruise staterooms and crew cabins to deliver a superb viewing experience with customizable hospitality and entertainment interfaces for cruise ship operators.

Inmarsat Unveils ORCHESTRA

Inmarsat Unveils ORCHESTRA, Communications Network of The Future

Inmarsat unveiled plans for ORCHESTRA, the communications network of the future. In the largest ever transformation of its current world-class services, Inmarsat ORCHESTRA will bring together existing geosynchronous (GEO) satellites with low earth orbit satellites (LEO) and terrestrial 5G into an integrated, high-performance solution. 

Italy's First Video Game - ITALY. Land of Wonders

Italy's First Video Game - ITALY. Land of Wonders

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Italian MFA) announces the launch of ITALY. Land of Wonders, a video game that is aimed at bringing the cultural heritage and wonders of Italy to a worldwide audience in general, and to young people in particular. 

How to Stay Safe Online

Gaming in the New Age - How to Stay Safe Online

Brick-and-mortar casinos have their appeal and, so, will never lose their place on the gambling scene. Online casinos have, however, taken over, with internet operators contributing a huge percentage of the total gambling revenue.

LED Technology To Kill Viruses

New LED Technology To Kill Viruses for Aviation Industry

SaveMoneyCutCarbon has introduced innovative antimicrobial LED technology that inactivates and kills viruses on surfaces. The company is partnering with Vyv, a USA headquartered health-tech industry leader and pioneer of antimicrobial LED technology, to bring the new lighting system to the UK.


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