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What does Brexit mean for travelers?

holiday vacationThe Brexiteers have won. Britain has voted to leave the European Union. What does it mean for travelers?

Experts say that the biggest long term effect on travelers will be a financial one. If Britain prospers as the leaders of the Brexit movement promised, then Brits will be richer, the pound is likely to strengthen and more of them will be able to afford holidays. If the economy stutters, taxes rise, jobs become less secure and the pound falls, then overseas travel will be much less affordable for most of Brits.

Some things are not clear yet such as the borderless travel. Probably British citizens will not need visas to travel into the EU on holiday, though they will, like now, have to pass through passport control when they first enter.

Low-cost airlines which makes travel easier in inexpensive way thanks to EU’s removal of the old bi-lateral restrictions on air service agreements now needs to be resetted.Airlines will need to make new arrangements that may end with higher fares to travel to Europe.

Investment bank Goldman Sachs has predicted that a vote to leave the EU could hit sterling by as much as 20 per cent, with the pound dipping as low as $1.15 against the dollar and €1.05 against the euro. That's good news for Americans looking to travel to the UK this summer - or even beyond. Nearly ten percent of tourists in Britain last year came from the United States, according to government statistics, and Americans spent more than any other nationality, an average of 3,010 pounds, according to People. The euro has also fallen four percent in one day, now it costs $1.09 to get one euro, making European destinations cheaper for American who might want to climb the Eiffel Tower or lounge on the beaches of Greece.

Pressure from the EU has meant that the costs of using your phone in Europe have plunged in recent years, and under EU rules, roaming charges are due to be abolished entirely in June 2017. Whether this will now happen is open to question.

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