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Leonardo DiCaprio travels in Europe

leonardo dicaprio swimmingAmerican actor and a film producer Leonardo DiCaprio travels in Europe. First he was in St. Tropez, a beautiful coastal town in France, and then he traveled to Ibiza. Lastly he was spotted on the Greek island of Mykonos.

In St. Tropez, DiCaprio attended a fundraising event for his own charity, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which works on environmental causes. This event, attended by the likes of Bono, Naomi Campbell, Bradley Cooper, Edward Norton, Jonah Hill, Chris Rock, and several supermodels.

DiCaprio and his good friend Tobey Maguire traveled to Ibiza, Spain on a yacht with a bunch of other friends.

The famous Hollywood star later sailed to the Greek island of Mykonos. He was spotted by Mykonos Live Tv and later he had dinner at the Uno Con Carne restaurant where he tasted culinary specialties.

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