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France Bans Unvaccinated U.S. Travelers

France Bans Unvaccinated U.S. Travelers

France has become the latest European country, following Bulgaria, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, which tightens travel restrictions for U.S. travelers.

The French government announced the removal of the United States and Israel from its safelist. 

Like in many other European countries, France also is using a traffic light system and from September 12, the U.S. and Israel will move down from the "green" list,  to the "orange" list; effectively prohibiting nonessential travel to France for unvaccinated visitors.

Under France's rules, unvaccinated travelers from either country will still be allowed in provided they have an essential reason for travel, however, they'll need a negative Covid-19 test before travel and must quarantine for 7 days on arrival.

If you are fully vaccinated and arriving from an orange list country, you can come for any reason, and do not need to show a negative Covid-19 test result.

Additionally, from 30 September, all children aged 12-18 must also be vaccinated to enter cultural places, cinemas, sports centers, concert venues, and most importantly to restaurants and bars. Currently, 12-to 18-year-olds are excluded from the rule, which allows access to such places, but from October, it will become a legal requirement.



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